Complete Reading Schemes

We feature the following complete reading schemes:

Red Rocket Readers: A very comprehensive reading scheme from New Zealand with a large number of titles at the early levels, ending at level 30.  Individual titles cannot be bought, but it’s excellent either as a basic program or for guided reading sets.

Wings: for years this has been the basic program for many schools in Australia.  Many of the titles are quirky and amusing, and familiar characters reappear.  Ends at level 26.  There is a superb range of traditional tales at various levels, a new science-focussed set and a new phonics set.

Blake Storylands: Blake cleverly created a reading scheme to level 20 based around 6 themes so as to appeal to a wide range of student interests.  There are work centre activities to support the texts.  Some teachers indicate that students may struggle with the early levels, but otherwise this is a highly engaging scheme beautifully illustrated.

Scholastic Keylinks: A highly structured scheme developed by Jill Eggleton, even down to the order of reading of the titles.  Ends at level 30.  It has excellent support for the teacher and parent to help the learner.

Phonics Schemes

Little Learners Love Literacy: Maureen Pollard has used her decades of experience in teaching phonics to produce an outstanding, comprehensive Australian phonics scheme, along with games, puppets and other resources to support the learner.  This is THE program for learning phonics.

Jolly Phonics: This British program from Chris Jolly and Sue Lloyd is a favourite of many teachers and set the ground for the growing popularity of teaching reading through phonics.  Check the following listings:

Jolly Readers Set 1

Jolly Readers Set 2

Jolly Readers Set 3

Jolly Readers Set 4

Finger Phonics

Jolly Music: a music program for very young children.

Teaching Resources: a wide range of resources, from puppets to wall charts to desk strips to games.

Activity Books


Jolly Grammar: extend the range of Jolly Phonics through the Primary years.

Pupil Books

Wings Phonics: Era Publications has produced this set of 26 readers to support the phonics program in your school.

Blake's Funny Photo:Excellent support for learning phonics: 15 small alphabet and 15 blends books, flip books and teacher books.

Chapter Books

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!: 3 sets of titles.  Levels 24 to 31+.

Blake Novels: 4 sets of titles. Levels 28 to 32.

Brainwaves: 5 sets of non-fiction titles.  Levels 17 to 34.

Deep End: 5 sets of fiction titles and 5 sets of non-fiction titles.  Not levelled.  The non-fiction titles are particularly good.

Gigglers: 13 sets of fiction titles.  Level 10 and up.

Laser Beams: 4 sets of fiction titles.  Levels 22 to 30.

Sparklers: 19 sets of fiction titles.  Level 10 and up.

Wonder Wits: a set of fiction titles.  Level 22 to 26.

Hi-Lo Chapter Books

Boffin Boy: 3 sets of graphic novels. Levels 16 to 20. Set 1Set 2Set 3.

Dangerous Games: 2 sets of high adventure stories. Set 1Set 2.

Dark Flight & First Flight: 4 sets of cartoon-style adventure stories.  Levels 16 to 20.

Highlights: 2 sets of 9 trilogies.  Set 1Set 2Not levelled.

Reading Quest: 4 sets of themed titles.  Champion QuestStar QuestTime QuestTreasure QuestNot levelled.

Rex Jones: a set of themed adventure stories for boys.  Levels 16-18.

Runway: a set of themed reality tv stories for girls.  Levels 16-20.

Starchasers: a set of themed stories.

The Matt Merton mysteries: a set of themed stories for boys.

Treasure Trackers: a set of themed mysteries.  Levels 26-27.

Specialist Reading Schemes

On Track Reading: this is probably the oldest of our literacy range, but our best-selling product.  On Track Reading features simple titles up to level xx designed to support struggling readers.  They are black text on yellow paper with simple illustrations, written and illustrated by Sylvana Foster, and they are a testament to the knowledge and skills she developed in the early childhood classroom.

Quick 60: Quick60 is designed by Sandra Iversen to bring groups of up to five struggling students to year-level in reading and spelling in 60 quick lessons or fewer.

Reading Eggs: a first reading program to get students started.

Blake Australian History: these are guided reading sets aimed at lower (Set 1, Set 2), middle (Set 1, Set 2) or upper primary (Set 1, Set 2) school students and focussed on the Australian curriculum.

Blake Australian Geography: these are guided reading sets aimed at lower, middle or upper primary school students and focussed on the Australian curriculum.

Blake Australian Science: these are guided reading sets aimed at lower, middle or upper primary school students and focussed on the Australian curriculum.

Sparklers Asian Stories: 2 sets of stories set in Asia.  Set 1.  Set 2Levels 19 to 26.

Sparklers Australian History: 2 sets of non-fiction titles.  Set 1.  Set 2Levels 23 to 36.

Go Facts: 29 themed sets of 4 titles per theme on non-fiction subjects.  Various levels.

Great Speeches: 2 sets of levelled readers featuring note-worthy speeches.  Set 1Set 2Levels 28 to 34.

Happy to be me: unlevelled readers with indigenous themes.

Harmony and Understanding: 6 sets of non-fiction titles on cultural themes.  Culture ConnectionsFantastic FoodsFestival FunFriendly FamiliesSmart SchoolsWorld Religions.  Levels 22 to 27.

Health and Understanding: 3 sets of non-fiction titles on healthy living themes.  Active LifestylesGrowth and Development. Personal Health Choices.  Levels 25 to 30.

Targeting Maths Literacy: 4 sets of non-fiction titles on maths concepts.  Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Various levels.

Weird, Wild and Wonderful: 3 sets of non-fiction titles on animals.  Set 1Set 2Set 3Levels 14 to 24.

Reading Resources for Teachers

Magic 100:  80% of schools now use the MIOOW Magic Words cards and games, and it's no wonder.  After all, how many Australians aren't card sharks?

Phonics Resources.