Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Exchanges and Refunds

Stories Bookshop is proud to offer a wide range of entertaining and educational books, resources and gifts for everyone. We order from across Australia and can source items from around the world. We expect the highest standard from our suppliers so if your book or other item is faulty, we are happy to provide an exchange or refund with the following exceptions:

  • The item was in good condition when it left the store.

  • The item was discounted or on special.

  • The item was specially ordered and non-refundable (if the item is faulty, we may still be able to provide a refund on a case by case basis).

Stories Bookshop will also refund or exchange an item with no questions asked (for example, if you bought it as a gift and the receiver already has it, or if you receive the wrong item in the post from us) with the following exceptions:

  • The item is returned without the receipt.

  • The item is returned in poor condition.

  • The item was discounted or on special at the time of purchase (in cases of being sent the wrong item, this may not apply).

  • The item was specially ordered and non-refundable (in cases of being sent the wrong item, this may not apply).

If you prefer to post your items for exchange or refund, Stories Bookshop does not accept postage charges.

If you return an item to us which we approve for refund, we will refund you using your original payment method within 2 business days of receiving it.


Stories Bookshop collects contact information both through this website and in-store with its loyalty program, in order to supply customers with up to date relevant information and to supply customers with purchased items. Stories Bookshop will never share your contact details with anybody, except when legally required to do so.

Stories Bookshop hates spam and will not subject you to more than one or two emails per month at the most.

Delivery Policy

Stories Bookshop's online store allows you the option of picking up your items in-store, in which case they will be waiting for you in safety behind the front counter. If you choose to allow us to post your items to you, we will post them using Australia Post or another reputable courier. Your items will be carefully packaged to ensure they arrive safely. Your items will be delivered to the address you provide us. If delivery is not possible, Australia Post will contact you to arrange redelivery. We do not offer registered post delivery. Unless your items have to be specially ordered, in which case we will discuss this with you, you can expect your items within 14 days.

Customer Safety and Comfort

Stories Bookshop has a store in Launceston, a Facebook page and this website. Our customers and staff vary in backgrounds and ages and we respect every one of them.

We will not tolerate abusive, offensive or threatening behaviour in any of our locations or on any of our platforms. We respectfully request that you consider how your remarks or comments may be received by children and adults from all backgrounds who may be listening or reading before saying or posting anything.

Stories Bookshop reserves the right to delete inappropriate content from its online platforms and to insist on people behaving inappropriately within our store to leave.

Stories Bookshop respects the property of its staff and customers, and its stock. There are security cameras around the store. We reserve the right to inspect bags and items of customers, should we have a reasonable concern. If you prefer not to be asked, please leave your bags with the staff at the front counter while you browse.

Stories Bookshop supports breastfeeding in comfort in its store.